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Below is a more detailed description of my professional experience. But if you are truly curious; let's meet and share experiences instead.


Since the start of Hatobito the main assignment has been for the Chief HR Officer at RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) and RISE’s redesign of the organization. There we aim at becoming THE leading innovation partner for Swedish industry – with the purpose to make Sweden more innovative.

The redesign work is driven with a unique process; fully involving all RISE leaders and employees. The involvement has been secured via cross-functional/ geographic workshops, on-line presence, ideation and free commenting on proposals via Yammer and not the least solid involvement of the line organization. The output is a new organizational structure, a leadership platform as part of the culture and innovative organizational enablers. The journey is continuing by creating employee engagement by defining the aspired RISE employeeship.

• Innovative involvement.

• Leadership and employeeship evolution.



Leadership and Culture Coach




Radical involvement process

Four steps for increased value drive


Director Culture Development


The Volvo Group



The results became the base and roadmap for the culture journey ahead. Step two was to step away from the traditional way of driving a central, level-by-level “roll-out” and instead establish a reversed and viral strategy with an empowered focus with the following pillars:

  • Pull strategy - not a Corporate function push. Grass root movement spread virally on its own through the organization.
  • One size doesn’t fit all – the culture was tailored to business challenges & set-up, but with the same values as a base.
  • A manager responsibility – the leader must drive the change but can be supported with easy-to-use tools and processes.
  • Business integrated – culture is not something on the side of the regular business agenda – but core to business success.From 2016 and throughout the following three years around 20,000 leaders/employees were in development sessions by the core team. After the initial awareness phase, more targeted executive leadership team development spanning over several years, really connecting the work to business transformation was performed.

The effect of the strategy was seen in the engagement measures, moving from 71% in employee engagement in 2015 to 75% in 2017, and also in the specially designed values-indexes for each of the five culture values the improvement in the Volvo Group. The improvement with more than three %-units in a year on average shows the success level of the chosen strategy.

The operational work in the organization was initiated, with leadership development, employee empowerment, business alignment of plans, competence development, training and multiple-channel communication. The phases to go through were in the strategy called awareness, understanding/internalization and change.

• Global transformation.

• Viral pull strategy.

• Value-driven leadership.


Globally responsible for Volvo Group Culture Development. The objective as the function was founded was to unite leaders and employees through a common set of values and behaviors aligned to the Group vision and business ambitions. The common value base was to lead to increased collaboration and thereby a more agile organization. Within the scope was to both establish strategic global plans and to execute on those plans in different parts of the organization on an operational level.

The transformation work of redefining the Volvo Group culture started after a continued decrease of employee engagement. The executive management initiated the long-term strategic direction of a more value-driven and engaged organization. Listening to more than 500 leaders, employees, customers, union representatives and board members to understand the AS-IS situation and the needed Volvo Group culture to be successful in business onwards, was step one.

CB Volvo_Global_Dialouge_Meeting_15_cultural_session
UJ Volvo_Global_Dialouge_Meeting_14_cultural_session (3)


Vice President Communication & Innovation at the function Corporate Process & IT, with the responsibility to drive digital innovation for the Volvo Group and to manage the strategic planning and communication for Process & IT throughout Volvo. The global team had members from France, China and Sweden.

Innovation was focused by collecting and prioritize ideas, from the organization (via JAMs, etc.) and from outside the Volvo Group (tech.leaders, industry trends, etc.). Digital or non-digital prototypes were created and tested in the business through a speedy, quick-wins driven process. Notable prototypes were “Shazam for engine problems”, “Auctions on empty freight space on the Indian market” and “VR-glasses in the Trucks production”.

For the IT strategy work communicating the value of IT and making it clear for the users what the advantages with changes were – in order to lower the resistance of change was focused. The costs of communication were more than covered by shorter projects and faster ramp-ups.

• Radical digital innovation process.

• Fast-paced and business driven innovation piloting.

• User-centric IT communication.


Vice President Communication & Innovation







In 2013, Volvo Group planned to implement major changes in seven IT services for their employees. Initially the plan was to run the change management in the traditional project-by-project way, but after reviewing the budgeting of these efforts we instead decided to merge all the budgets and make more of a commercial investment for change, measured on shortened lead-time for IT projects and faster ramp-up of new solutions, with the aim that the costs of communication should be covered by savings in shorter projects and faster ramp-ups.


Vice President Communication & Innovation


The Volvo Group



The users were early on put in the center of attention. “What will change for me?” and “What’s in it for me?” became the central questions, instead of what the changes meant from a technical point of view (i.e. from the IT project’s perspective).

A thorough work was initiated to identify different types of target groups and understand their needs and their expectations. A communication strategy, concept and graphical guidelines for the internal campaign was created with the help of Maverick by Sigma . Three different campaign, commercials, banners, posters, sign holders, ringtones, roll-ups and digital newsletters were created to be able reach out to the +60,000 users worldwide and make them curious about the new IT services.

The concept was called Easier to Work and one vital part of the change management was to engage the early adopters of change and make them ambassadors for the changes to come. Focus was put on making them part of a special community; they were identified virally throughout the organization, were treated with special care, training and teambuilding and became a virtual tribe that supported the rollouts. A special Yammer-site was launched for them where they could get updates, learn from each other, put demands on the IT project and so on. Finally, we had created “friendly neighbors” throughout the organization worldwide that could promote the change and be trustworthy Samaritans that helped the non-IT savvy persons – often afraid of the changes.

At the end the Volvo Group saved substantial amounts on lowered support costs and shorter projects, not to forget the substantial increase in IT user satisfaction. The change management also resulted in two awards at the Swedish Learning Awards 2014, in the categories of Best Innovation and Best Excellence Initiative.

• External commercial approach for internal communication.

• User-centric IT communication.